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        Thermal Shock Test Chamber Manufacturer ,Vibration Shaker,Xenon Chamber , High Low Temperature Chamber Factory
        Hot search: High low Temperature Cycle Test Chamber UV Climate Resistant Aging Test Chamber Temperature Humidity Vibration Combined Test System HAST Impact Test Vibration Tester Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Thermal Shock Test Chamber
        ASLI have the powerful after-serivce& highly quality&powerful team in the Engineer and sales team. Even with our advanced manufacturing technology and innovation. Under the high quality policy of internationalization, standardization and specialization, our ASLI will support our highly quality products to all over the world. Our ASLI are professional producing those testing machine more than 28years already. Also, we can customized for you.The main products are: programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine, high and low temperature cycle testing machine, rapid temperature change (ESS) testing machine, thermal shock test chamber/ high and low temperature impact test chamber, walk-in constant temperature and humidity test room, High temperature and low pressure testing chamber, temperature / humidity / salt spray composite testing machine, temperature / humidity / vibration integrated testing system, sulfur dioxide salt spray test machine, high temperature aging test room, xenon arc aging test machine, UV aging Testing machine, rain test chamber, sand and dust test chamber, ozone aging test chamber, tensile testing machine, PCT / HAST high pressure accelerated aging test chamber, double 95 / wet freezing / thermal cycle test chamber,high temperature and humidity alternating test chamber, Electromagnetic high-frequency vibration test machine, acceleration mechanical impact test machine, mechanical impact testing machine, 2D/3D video measuring machine; (non-standard test equipment) and other quality testing equipment.


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        • Expected Inner size:H*W*Dcm
        • CM size of the placement:H*W*Dcm
        • CM Temperature range:℃ -
        • Normal Temperature:℃ Lowest Temperature:
        • Temperature range:% -%RH
        • Frequently-used Humidity:%RH Lowest Humidity:%RH
        • speed of Cooling:℃/min Speed of warming:℃/min
        • Other special requiements:
        • Loading sample(Character):
        • Power of the loading samples:
        • With air-condition or not:
        • How much power of the air conditioning?

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